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Co-creating opera

Our challenge is to renew opera’s own protected spaces, mission, business models, institutional architectures and behaviours in an ever-changing world.

Community dialogue

The gulf between opera houses and large parts of the population whose taxes support them can be bridged by dialogue. But what kind of dialogue?

O Tempo (Somos Nós) told a philosophical story of separation, temptation and imprisonment in which the married lovers stay faithful and are reunited at the end.
O Tempo (Somos Nós)

The co-creation process

Co-creation is a practice that responds to specific needs and actual situations.

The stage floor of La Gata Perduda was based on a map of Raval, painted outdoors in the neighbourhood by local artists and students.
La Gata Perduda

The social impact

Hundreds of people and scores of organisations were directly involved in the co-creation of the three Traction operas.

The value of community art, like life itself, is determined by progress in areas such as relationships, learning, communication, self- knowledge and possibility.
O Tempo (Somos Nós)

Working with technology

Digital technology has the power to bridge social, cultural and generational gaps, providing that it is accessible to those who use it.

An artistic coherence was achieved because each person performed out of the truth of their experience, in the confidence of one another’s respect.
O Tempo (Somos Nós)