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Why co-create opera?

At this time of the renaissance, opera, our artform that has a claim to be universal, has its greatest opportunity to demonstrate such capacity to those on its doorstep.

Who cares about opera?

Culture thrives when people care about it. They care because culture delights, intrigues inspires and moves them. It speaks to them.

The opera repertoire is full of riches but they are sometimes entangled with problematic stories.O Tempo (Somos Nós)

The future of opera is inclusive

There are two ways in which opera can change—how it is created and who is involved in the creation.

The introduction of non-operatic musical languages such as gypsy rumba, rock and rap became a natural enlargement of the palette.
O Tempo (Somos Nós)

Making opera matter

Art is at the centre of social, cultural and economic life. There have never been more theatres, museums or galleries, more film and media creators, more musicians and writers—in short, more art and culture.

In La Gata Perduda the central character is an entire neighbourhood represented by 300 performers and symbolised in the figure of a gender-changing cat.
La Gata Perduda

Benefits for society

There is a common idea that extending people’s access to the arts will do them good, perhaps by supporting their education or social integration.

There was a place for everyone who wanted to sing in La Gata Perduda, though not always the place they thought they wanted. 
La Gata Perduda