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Opera loves innovation as much as it loves tradition, and it has always adapted to new technologies.
Out of the Ordinary/ As an nGnách

Opera loves innovation as much as it loves tradition, and it has always adapted to new technologies.

Out of the Ordinary/ As an nGnách

The following tools were developed over three years to support the artistic co-creation of the three exploratory operas in the Traction project.

The Co-creation space

Co-creation space is a tool to foster and promote asynchronous communication during co-creation activities between diverse communities and participants.

The Co-creation space can be considered as a “private social media” tool that allows people to have conversations about a production during the co-creation process. It enables and promotes a dialogue around media content (videos, images, audios…), fostering participation and the exchange of different views.

It has been used by the exploratory operas to work in the composition of the opera, for the visual design of posters or to coordinate the musical participation of twelve different amateur choirs with more than 200 users using the tool simultaneously for the opera in Barcelona.

The Co-creation stage

Co-creation Stage is a tool that connects communities and individuals in real-time, allowing participants and stages in multiple locations to perform together. For instance, inmates that were not allowed to go out of the prison were able to sing together with the professionals, musicians and inmates that were on the main stage out of prison, from a secondary stage within the prison.

Moreover, relatives of the inmates were also part of the performance, taking part from all over the world via their mobiles and laptops, enabling scenarios such as an inmate singing or talking to them in real-time.

Traction technology from an end-user perspective

The following video summarises the experience of the end-users that have tried the technological tools created in Traction to support the co-creation process.

If you would like to learn more about the technology or use the open-source toolset, all the information can be found in the Traction Wiki. Here you will find more about our research on other exploratory technologies, in the fields of immersive media, accessibility and social VR.

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In co-creation, what matters first is the quality of the journey. It should be enjoyable, meaningful and rewarding in itself, irrespective of the destination.
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Guiding Principles

In Leiria youth prison, inmates performed with their relatives at key points in the opera.
O Tempo (Somos Nós)


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